In just one year, planning spring break, along with prom and graduation parties, will top your senior "to do" list. But before you begin thinking beach and bash supplies, you have an even more important task to complete. As a junior, its time to consider college.

College is about more than vocational training. Its an experience that will shape your life and self-identity. Finding the school that will best help you grow can be overwhelming. That's why we created this guide.

Use our list of Internet resources to find helpful information and answer your questions. We've even created a time line to keep you on track through the decision process.The pages that follow not only list important details about Michigan schools, but they offer advice and tips for each step you'll take to get to your college of choice, from researching and applying to packing and living away from home.

Collect as much knowledge as you can before making your decision. Consult counselors, teachers, parents, friends and even current college students. Listen to their advice, but make the final choice your own. Use your head and follow your heart - they will take you to the right place.

Most importantly, though, enjoy the rest of your high school experience and look forward to the next chapter. The college years are some of the best in life.


- Michigan College Guide