College Edge

Keeping Admissions Decisions in Perspective

In admissions, there are four critical decisions, and you control three: where to visit, where to apply and where to attend. Colleges just have one: whom they will take.

Money for Michiganders

It’s true that price tags matter. Regardless of financial situation, most students can access at least one form of financial aid, and you may even qualify for a program under Michigan Student Scholarships and Grants.

Close to Home or Far Away

Do you have your sights on a destination college?

College Rankings: Helpful or Not?

Your education needs are as individual as you are, and finding your best college is critical to your educational success.

Apply to Qualify: Maximizing Your Financial Aid Opportunities

While financial aid is available, benefitting from it requires you to be proactive and organized. Know the most important facts about applying for aid.

The Value of a Liberal Arts Education

Even if you don’t know exactly what you want to do, liberal arts degrees develop the type of skills – critical thinking, communication and writing – that employers are looking for.

The NEW College Prep

Higher-education-bound students focus their attention on the high school classes that will impress a college admissions officer and earn them a freshman spot at their dream school. And with good reason!

7 Important Tips for Your College Visit

Today, students have many more educational options available, so choosing a college is largely a consumer choice that merits careful comparison.